Email notifications

Message notification emails

Zulip can be configured to send message notification emails for PMs and mentions, as well as stream messages.

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Toggle the checkboxes for Streams and PMs, mentions, and alerts in the Email column of the Notification triggers table.

You can respond to Zulip messages directly by replying to message notification emails, unless you are connecting to a self-hosted Zulip server whose system administrator has not configured the incoming email gateway.

Delay before sending emails

To reduce the number of emails you receive, Zulip delays sending message notification emails for a configurable period of time (default: 2 minutes). The delay helps in a few ways:

  • No email is sent if you return to Zulip and read the message before the email would go out.
  • Edits made by the sender soon after sending a message will be reflected in the email.
  • Multiple messages in the same Zulip conversation are combined into a single email. (Different conversations will always be in separate emails, so that you can respond directly from your email).

To configure the delay for message notification emails:

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Under Email message notifications, select the desired time period from the Delay before sending message notification emails dropdown.

Include organization name in subject line

If you belong to multiple Zulip organizations, it can be helpful to have the name of the organization in the subject line of your message notification emails.

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Under Email message notifications, toggle Include organization name in subject of message notification emails.

Hide message content

For security or compliance reasons, you may want to hide the content of your Zulip messages from your email. Organization admins can do this at an organization-wide level, but you can also do this just for the messages you receive.

This setting also blocks message topics, stream names, and user names from being sent through your email.

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Under Email message notifications, toggle Include message content in message notification emails.

New login emails

By default, Zulip sends an email whenever you log in to Zulip. These emails help you protect your account; if you see a login email at a time or from a device you don't recognize, you should change your password right away.

In typical usage, these emails are sent infrequently, since all Zulip apps (web, mobile, desktop, and terminal) keep you logged in to any organization you've interacted with in the last 1-2 weeks.

However, there are situations (usually due to corporate security policy) in which you may have to log in every day, and where getting login emails can feel excessive.

Disable new login emails

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Under Other emails, toggle Send email notifications for new logins to my account.

Low-traffic newsletter

Zulip sends out a low-traffic newsletter (expect 2-4 emails a year) announcing major changes in Zulip.

Managing your newsletter subscription

  1. Go to Notifications.

  2. Under Other emails, toggle Send me Zulip's low-traffic newsletter (a few emails a year).