Fetch an API key (development only)

POST https://chat.beta.clubelek.fr/api/v1/dev_fetch_api_key

For easy testing of mobile apps and other clients and against Zulip development servers, we support fetching a Zulip API key for any user on the development server without authentication (so that they can implement analogues of the one-click login process available for Zulip development servers on the web).

Note: This endpoint is only available on Zulip development servers; for obvious security reasons it will always return an error in a Zulip production server.

Usage examples

curl -sSX POST https://chat.beta.clubelek.fr/api/v1/dev_fetch_api_key \
    --data-urlencode username=iago@zulip.com


username string required

Example: "iago@zulip.com"

The email address for the user that owns the API key.


Return values

  • api_key: string

    The API key that can be used to authenticate as the requested user.

  • email: string

    The email address of the user who owns the API key

Example response(s)

A typical successful JSON response may look like:

    "api_key": "gjA04ZYcqXKalvYMA8OeXSfzUOLrtbZv",
    "email": "iago@zulip.com",
    "msg": "",
    "result": "success"